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VESX50-IP Magnetic Grounding clamps

IECEx Magnetic grounding clamps with sharp contact pins
2-pole for use in conjunction with static earthing verification systems.

DATASHEET [EN] X50-IP Magnetic grounding clamps
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2-pole magnetic grounding clamps

The VESX50-IP 2-pole magnetic grounding clamps are fully compatible with Newson Gale Bond-Rite and Earth-Rite ATEX static earthing verification systems.
The magnetic grounding clamp with integrated handle is made of stainless steel for a durable use in explosive environments (IECEx). The grounding clamp has two very strong Neodymium magnets for an optimal connection. The sharp tungsten carbide contact pins are spring-loaded, and are able to “bite” through coatings and contamination to create a low resistance connection (<= 10ohm) with the equipment to be grounded.
An optional stowage point is available for the VESX50-IP grounding clamp, providing a place to safely store the grounding clamp when not in use.

Positive contact
The powerful combination of sharp spring loaded tungsten carbide tips complimented by the strength of the two Neodymium magnets ensure that coatings, product deposits or corrosion does not prevent the clamp from making a low resistance connection (≤10 Ohms) to the equipment to be grounded.

2 Pole magnetic clamps have an integral handle and are therefore easy to grip, roll on and roll off when the operators have to make repetitive daily grounding connections.

Long Term Value
Additional value is provided by the corrosion resistant and mechanically robust stainless steel construction which helps reduce long term replacement costs that are typical of lower quality grounding clamps.


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