ATHEX Industrial Suppliers

ATHEX Industrial Suppliers

ATHEX Industrial Suppliers is a fixed value in the Benelux, supplying both industrial and explosion-proof ATEX materials, in almost all industrial sectors.
We focus strongly on quality products, making ATHEX the point of contact within the Benelux for several leading manufacturers, including Newson Gale, Fraser Anti-Static Techniques, DURAG GROUP, Motherwell Tank Protection, Artidor Explosion Safety, Extronics, …

We differentiate ourselves with a personal and resolute approach. This provides a strong and trustfull relationship with our customers. To establish a possible sale, we advise suitable solutions for your application.

Experts static electricity

ATHEX is your specialist for the manipulation of static electricity by means of grounding and/or ionisation.
In potentially explosive (ATEX) environments, static electricity is a potential source of ignition, which can cause an explosion and/or fire. We supply grounding equipment for objects and process equipment, to mitigate static electricity. With the aid of ground monitoring systems, this grounding equipment can also be continuously monitored, and processes can be interrupted to prevent further build-up of static charge.
Ionisation can also offer a solution for these problems, but is mainly used for improving processes where static electricity causes problems. Static electricity can also be generated using ionisation, to be used as a kind of “glue” in production processes.

Industrial heating

With our product range we support all types of industrial combustion processes.
As official partner of DURAG GROUP we supply burners and pilot burners, flares, flame sensors, controls and accessories. Video and thermography for industrial furnaces is also possible.
We supply heating elements, controls and additional equipment for the electric heating of air/gases, liquids and solids. We also offer support for tailor-made solutions (industrial or explosion-proof) and pre-assembled skids.

Tankfarm equipment

ATHEX is a supplier of mechanical safety devices for silos, tankfarms and pipelines; such as breathing valves, manholes, gauge- and inspection hatches,… Our wide range of flame arresters covers the full range: deflagration and detonation flame arresters, in-line and end-of-line, and endurance bruning. Several brands can be offered depending on the required characteristics.

Exoplosion-proof and industrial materials

ATHEX is your specialist for ATEX certified material in general. We offer very specific ATEX equipment as well as standard well-known EX parts.