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VESX45-IP Medium Duty Grounding Clamp

VESX90-IP Medium Duty ATEX grounding clamp, for use with static earthing verification

DATASHEET [EN] VESX45-IP Medium Duty 2-Core Grounding Clamp



Static grounding of buckets, drums and other metal objects

The VESX45-IP static grounding clamp can be installed with the Bond-Rite® and Earth-Rite® systems to provide interlock control and visual indication to verified ground connection points and offer the highest levels of protection over electrostatic ignition risks.

Newson Gales’ approved dual core medium duty static grounding clamps ensure positive contact with the equipment to be grounded.

When flammable or combustible products are being handled and processed in hazardous areas it is essential to specify certified equipment that will protect personnel from sources of electrostatic ignition.

Static grounding clamps that combine Factory Mutual, ATEX & IECEx approvals are rigorously tested and certified to ensure they are capable of dissipating static charges from potentially charged equipment. This is especially significant when the equipment can be covered in coatings, product deposits or rust that is capable of preventing the clamp from making low resistance electrical contact with the equipment to be grounded.

  • Tungsten carbide teeth to bite through paint deposit build up
  • Quick connect functionality for easy removal out of hazardous location
  • Monitors up to 10 Ohms (or less)
  • Can be integrated into the Earth-Rite® and Bond-Rite® systems to ensure a true verified ground connection


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