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D-LX 201 Flame Monitor with software interface

Self-monitoring and fail-safe compact flame monitor for the monitoring of gas, oil and coal flames with integrated UV or IR flame sensor.



Self-monitoring and fail-safe compact flame monitor for gas, oil and coal flames.
  • Wide sensitivity range
  • For ambient temperatures from -40°C up to +85°C
  • Highest safety combined with highest availability
  • Ideal Support for Functional Safety
  • Selective to individual burners and fuels
  • Wide range of certifications and standards covered
  • Low maintenance requirements
  • Local display for status and flame intensity
  • Optional flame stability analysis in real time


  • Optical adjustment aid for the alignment of the swivel mount on the sighting tube (D-ZS 118)
  • Set of orifice plates for insertion in purge air flange (D-ZS 113 Set)
  • UV-A, UV-B and IR-test light source 230 V/50 Hz (D-ZS 093)
  • Swivel mount for the alignment of the flame monitor (D-ZS 033-I)
  • Thermal isolator with electrical insulation (D-ZS 117-I)
  • Ball valve for closing the sighting tube (D-ZS 133-I)
  • Terminal box for connecting the flame monitor (D-ZS 140-12)
  • Wide range power supply unit for supply of several D‑LX 201 (D-NG 24/25a)
  • D-LX 200 Test kit for software supported tests of the compact flame monitors D-LX 200/720 and D-LX 201/721

Power stations, Chemical industry, Refineries, Cement plants, Waste incinerators, Steam generators, Heating plants


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