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Industrial Electric Heating

ATHEX Industrial Suppliers supplies an extensive range of industrial electric heaters to heat air/gasses, liquids and solids. We supply both the heating elements themselves, as the controllers and peripherals.


We deliver customized solutions for heating in explosive (ATEX) and industrial environments and processes.
We supply also pre-assembled skids.

ATHEX Industrial Suppliers works with several parties, in order to offer a perfect solution for you.
Contact us with all your questions related to electric heating.


Heating of air and/or gasses


Depending on the application, and whether the heater is designed in ATEX version or not, fins are placed on the heating elements in order to increase the contact surface.
ATHEX Industrial Suppliers supplies customized heaters for air and gases in all sorts of shapes, dimensions, and materials.

Room and anti-condensation heaters
These (ATEX) electric heaters can be used in open spaces, switchboards, instrumentation cabinets, containers, … and are designed to heat ambient air and/or to prevent moisture condensate.


Heating of fluids

We deliver standard immersion resistors with flange or thread, as well as customized heat exchangers.
For ATEX and/or corrosion versions, we offer specific solutions in consultation with the customer.


Heating objects (plastic industry)


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