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DURAG GROUP is a worldwide operating group of companies and one of the market leaders for intelligent solutions in the fields of combustion technology, environmental monitoring, data management and tunnel sensors. DURAG offers modern technology, certified equipment and reliable services since 1948.
Since ATHEX was founded, DURAG GROUP have given their trust to be their official partner, resulting in a flexible, powerfull and unique business relation.

ATHEX Industrial Suppliers - DURAG-GROUP

Burners managing diverse flames
The many years of experience allow ATHEX to provide burner solutions covering the entire range of parameters. Every flame burns differently. Its shape and colours varies depending on fuel, fuel-air ratio, burner form, load condition, boiler temperature and many other factors.


Safe ignition & Reliable monitoring
To enable safe ignition of every type of fuel ATHEX offers a wide range of products, from portable spark igniters to high-power ignition burners.
Our flame monitors and burner controls monitor combustion highly slectively and reliable every second, even under difficult conditions.


Monitoring & Optimise
With video and thermography systems, combustion processes can be analyzed for optimisation, which enables higher efficiency and smaller failure rates caused by system wear. A special system for cement plants also helps to improve the product quality.


Our broad range is our strength
The experience, markets and solutions of the affiliated firms within DURAG GROUP complement one another in an ideal way. This enables us to answer customer enquiries for ignition and combustion processes as well as for monitoring the resulting exhaust gas and dust.


DURAG GROUP - ATHEX Industrial Suppliers

DURAG GmbH was founded in November 1948. In addition to the development, production and sales departments, also their modern training facilities are based at the Hamburg (Germany) location.

DURAG GROUP Hegwein - ATHEX Industrial Suppliers

Hegwein GmbH was founded in Stuttgart-Bad Cannstatt in 1948. After consistent growth, administration, design and production were merged at the company’s current headquarters in Stuttgart-Feuerbach in 1965. Hegwein GmbH is member of the DURAG GROUP since 1996.

DURAG GROUP Smitsvonk - ATHEX Industrial Suppliers

Smitsvonk Holland BV, a leading supplier of high-energy ignition systems, pilot burners and ignition burners for use in industrial combustion processes, focusing on the petrochemical, steel/aluminium and biogas/waste industry, was founded in 1947 and joined the DURAG GROUP in 2006.

DURAG GROUP Process Systems Technology - - ATHEX Industrial Suppliers

DURAG process & systems technology Gmbh develops intelligent sensor systems for video and temperature monitoring of furnace plants, cement plants and other high temperature processes.

DURAG GROUP Data Systems - ATHEX Industrial Suppliers

DURAG data systems GmbH develops hardware and software for the acquisition and evaluation of emissions of industrial facilities, and was founded in 2008. It includes the supervision of official limit values, remote emission data monitoring and also greenhouse gas trading projects.

DURAG GROUP Verewa - ATHEX Industrial Suppliers

Verewa Umwelt- und Prozess messtechnik GmbH was founded in 1939. It was based in Mülheim until 1997. After its integration into the DURAG GROUP, the company was moved to Hamburg.

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