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D-GT 800 Flame Sensor Harsh Environments (kopie)

Flame sensor (flame scanner) for the monitoring of gas and oil flames, primarily in gas turbines or in particularly harsh environments.



Flame sensor for monitoring of gas and oil flames.

Optionally available with air/water cooling
Deployable with high combustion chamber overpressure
High vibrational stability
Conforms to general safety regulations
Self-monitoring and fail-safe in conjunction with a control unit/burner control
Connection to the D-UG 120, D-UG 660 control unit and the D-GF 150 burner control


  • UV-A, UV-B and IR test light source 230 V/50 Hz (D-ZS 093)
  • Terminal box for connecting the flame sensor (D-ZS 140, D-ZS 141)


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