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Cen-Stat™️ Grounding Clamps


ATEX/FM certified, with sharp pins to penetrate through coatings and contamination

DATASHEET [EN] Cen-Stat Aardingsklemmen
DATASHEET [FR] Cen-Stat Pinces de mise à la terre
DATASHEET [DE] Cen-Stat Erdungsklammern


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ATEX/FM certified, with sharp pins to penetrate through coatings and/or contamination
The Cen-Stat™️ X45 (VESX45 Medium Duty) and X90 (VESX90 Heavy Duty) static grounding clamps are ATEX and FM certified, for safe usage in ATEX environments.

The grounding clamps are made from Stainless Steel (304), and are equipped with 2 very sharp/hard contact pins. These pins bites through rust, paintings, and contamination, for an optimal connection with the object. These grounding clamps are special designed for the static earthing of objects.
Also for the grounding of flexible materials, and other specific applications, the correct grounding clamp and cable can be composed.

5 good reasons to choose for ATEX & FM certified grounding clamps:

  • Clamp pressure testing
    Ensures the earthing clamp is capable of establishing and maintaining low resistance electrical contact with equipment (FM approvals).
  • Electrical Continuity Testing
    Ensuring the continuity from the teeth throughout the earthing clamp is less than 1 ohm (FM approvals).
  • High Frequency Vibration Testing
    Ensures the earthing clamp is capable of maintaining positive contact when attached to vibrating equipment (FM approvals).
  • Mechanical Pull Testing
    Ensures the earthing clamp cannot be pulled off the equipment without an intentional application of force (FM approvals).
  • Sources of mechanical sparking
    Ensures no mechanical sparking sources are present in the clamp (ATEX certification).


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