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6000 Iontube

Easy incorporation of ionising into existing pipe work




Easy incorporation of ionising into existing pipe work
The 6000 Iontube is designed to be incorporated into pneumatic transport systems to neutralise the static electricity generated in this process.

The 6000 Iontube can increase dramatically the efficiency of dust and product separation in cyclones; it can eliminate static charge build-up in hoppers and collection system preventing blockages and handling problems.

Static neutralisation is supplied by Ionising Bars mounted in enclosures around the circumference of the Iontube. The number of Bars is determined by the diameter and length of the Iontube.
The Bars are individually connected to a connector box mounted on the Iontube. So if one bar is damaged, only that bar needs to be replaced.
We can make Iontubes in different materials and sizes. Please contact us with your requirements.


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