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iSOLATE 501 RF Galvanic Isolator

The iSOLATE501 is an explosion safe ATEX / IECEx / MET certified wifi/RF galvanic isolator for use in ATEX zone 0, 1, 2/22 and mining applications.
It is the next generation of Extronics breakthrough technology designed to continuously improve industrial performance.

In addition to the 2.4 GHz / 5 GHz Wi-Fi frequencies, and the 900MHz ISM band, the wide 150MHz to 8GHz bandwidth of the iSOLATE501 can be used in applications like for example Marine VHF, 433MHz ISM, Tetra and full GSM frequencies.

Intrinsically Safe RF-outputs
The iSOLATE501 provides galvanic isolation to provide protection against dangerous power surges, making the majority of standard RF outputs intrinsically safe.

Very compact
The iSOLATE501 is small and light. Ideal for use in various application.