Earth-Rite® FIBC

Static Grounding for Type C FIBC Bags

The Earth-Rite FIBC system validates and monitors the resistance of Type C FIBC bags ensuring that the conductive elements of the bag are capable of dissipating electrostatic charges in compliance with IEC 61340-4-4 "Standard test methods for specific applications Ė Electrostatic classification of flexible intermediate bulk containers (FIBC)" and NFPA 77 "Recommended Practice on Static Electricity".

The Earth-Rite FIBC system can be installed and setup to ensure that operators earth the bag before filling or emptying operations are started. During the bag filling / emptying process the Earth-Rite FIBC system continuously monitors the resistance of the bag so that if it rises above the recommended level of 107 ohms (10 meg-ohm) this dangerous situation can be indicated to operators and the process halted, either manually or via the systemís pair of NO/NC volt free contacts.
This feature ensures the generation and accumulation of static charges on the bag is stopped eliminating the risk of an incendive electrostatic spark discharge.

To compensate for normal wear and tear on Type C bags it is important to ensure the bag maintains its capacity to dissipate charge and also ensure the earthing connection between the bag and plant earth grounding point is functioning correctly.

Newson Gale can also provide FIBC earthing systems that can validate and monitor Type C bags designed with an upper resistance threshold of 108 ohms (100 meg-ohm).

Resistance monitoring through bigbag
Ensures that the quality of the bigbag is safe, and that the static grounding connection with the bigbag is in a good condition.
Continuous Ground Loop Monitoring
Monitors the resistance of the static dissipative loop through the FIBC bag back to the Earth-Rite FIBC via the plant earth grounding point. If the system detects that the resistance in the loop is higher than 107 ohms, it engages a pair of output contacts.
Attention grabbing LEDs
Simple and striking GOOD/BAD indication. Red and pulsing Green LED indicators tell operators whether or not a good ground connection is made.
ATEX / FM certified grounding clamps
Robust Stainless Steel grounding clamps, specifically designed for a perfect connection with flexible materials. Possibly in combination with a second grounding clamp.


Earth control systems
with visual indication & interlock


Self-testing grounding clamps
with visual indication


Grounding clamps, (spiral) cables, reels and testing apparatus


Mobile solutions

We deliver an innovative range of mobile grounding solutions, including an ATEX certified and patented grounding system for mounting on trucks (tanker trucks, pressure-vacuŁm-trucks,...), a portable continuity tester for flexibles, and other accessories.

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