Sole-Mate II

Static Dissipative Footwear Tester

The Sole-Mate is a user friendly device that is designed to test the condition of static dissipative footwear prior to entering safety critical hazardous areas exposed to potentially ignitable atmospheres.

International Standards recommend regular testing of static dissipative footwear. The Sole-Mate provides a time efficient and cost effective method of ensuring personnel operating in hazardous areas are wearing static dissipative shoes that are capable of preventing electrostatic charge accumulation on their bodies.

The Sole-Mate tests the condition of the shoes by measuring the resistance of the electrical loop through the operator and their footwear. If the resistance of the shoes is too high, the Sole-Mate will indicate that the shoes have failed the test via a red lamp and buzzer alarm. If the shoes pass the test a green lamp will indicate to the operator that the shoes are fit for purpose.

Additionally, users can interlock the tester with audible alarms or entry doors into hazardous areas so that personnel not wearing suitable footwear cannot enter the hazardous area.

Relevant International Standards

  • EN ISO 20345 ó 109 ohm
  • IEC 60079-32 ó 108 ohm
  • ASTM F2413-05 ó 108 ohm

PLEASE NOTE: Equipment specifiers must ensure that the Sole-Mate Tester resistance level selected is compatible with the static dissipative shoes in use within the hazardous area.
E.g.: a 1 x 108 resistance level should not be selected for EN ISO 20345 compatible shoes.


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