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Static earth monitoring & interlock systems

If your organisation wants to clearly demonstrate international ďBest PracticeĒ, compliance with IEC60079-32; NFPA77; API RP 2003 and other world-wide technical standards and codes of practice, the Earth-Rite Static Grounding System Range is the right solution to mitigate static electricity in hazardous areas.

Mobile Ground Verification - Earth-Rite MGV
For mounting on pressure-vacuŁm, bulk and tanker trucks.

FIBC Bigbags Type C - Earth-Rite FIBC
Monitors FIBC bigbag, including the FULL grounding circuit.

Tanker & bulk trucks - Earth-Rite RTR
Static earthing protetcion for road tankers & bulk trucks.

Metal objects - Earth-Rite PLUS
Guarantees connection of ≤10Ω between object and copper earth.

Metal objects - Earth-Rite MULTIPOINT
Unique earthing system, to monitor up to 8 earthing points.

OEM - Earth-Rite OMEGA
DIN-rail ground control module for system integrators.


Movie - Earth-Rite RTR


Earth control systems
with visual indication & interlock


Self-testing grounding clamps
with visual indication


Grounding clamps, (spiral) cables, reels and testing apparatus


Mobile solutions

We deliver an innovative range of mobile grounding solutions, including an ATEX certified and patented grounding system for mounting on trucks (tanker trucks, pressure-vacuŁm-trucks,...), a portable continuity tester for flexibles, and other accessories.

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