Earth-Rite® RTR

Static Earthing Protection for Road Tankers & Bulk Trucks

The Earth-Rite RTR utilises patented "Tri-Mode" technology to establish three key inputs that must be in place before the loading/unloading operation can commence.

  • MODE 1 |Road Tanker Recognition
    In accordance with the recommendations of IEC 60079-32, the Earth-Rite RTR determines if the grounding clamp is connected to a road tanker. This ensures the clamp is connected to the main body of the road tanker and cannot be bypassed by connecting the clamp to the loading gantry.
  • MODE 2 | Static Ground Verification
    The Earth-Rite RTR ensures that it has a connection to the general mass of the earth. This is a critical input as a connection to earth is the only means by which the static electricity can be transferred from the road tanker, preventing the accumulation of static electricity.
  • MODE 3 | Continuous Ground Loop Monitoring
    In accordance with the key recommendations of IEC 60079-32 "Explosive atmospheres: electrostatic hazards, guidance" and NFPA 77 "Recommended Practice on Static Electricity", the Earth-Rite RTR ensures the resistance between the road tanker and the verified earthing point at the loading gantry never exceeds 10 ohms. The Earth-Rite RTR achieves this by monitoring the resistance between the RTR clampís connection to the road tanker and the RTRís connection to the verified grounding point for the duration of the transfer operation.

When the three key inputs are met, only then will the Earth-Rite RTR go permissive and energise its pair of volt-free change-over contacts to engage the pump, or whatever equipment is interlocked with the system, to control the flow of product to or from the road tanker. Any static generated by the loading operation is transferred from the road tanker via the Earth-Rite RTR to earth, eliminating static electricity as a potential source of ignition.


Patented Tri-Mode Technology
Earth-Rite RTR don't go permissive by connecting the clamp on other metal objects then tanker trucks, and before the grounding point is verified.
Attention grabbing LEDs
Simple and attention grabbing GO/NO-GO traffic light style LED Indicators show system status.
Heavy Duty / Medium Duty Stainless Steel Earthing clamp
bites through contamination and painted surfaces.
Explosion safe control unit
Robust IP66 enclosure
Very light (4,5kg)
To install up to Zone 1 IIC

Precision and reliability is what the Earth-Rite RTR provides to QHSE professionals and engineers who are tasked with protecting personnel and plant assets from the ignition hazards of static electricity during road tanker loading and unloading operations.

The loading and unloading of road tankers with large quantities of chemicals and powders generates static electricity which, if left to accumulate on a road tanker, could discharge electrostatic sparks with energies far in excess of the minimum ignition energies of a vast range of combustible gases, vapours and dusts. The ignition of such atmospheres by static electricity can be prevented by ensuring the road tanker is grounded.

Grounding ensures there can be no build of static electricity on the tank and chassis of the road tanker and the most reliable way of earthing your road tankers is to specify an Earth-Rite RTR. With over 3.000 units in the field the 2nd generation Earth-Rite RTR is the most reliable and precise method of earthing road tankers today.


Earth control systems
with visual indication & interlock


Self-testing grounding clamps
with visual indication


Grounding clamps, (spiral) cables, reels and testing apparatus


Mobile solutions

We deliver an innovative range of mobile grounding solutions, including an ATEX certified and patented grounding system for mounting on trucks (tanker trucks, pressure-vacuŁm-trucks,...), a portable continuity tester for flexibles, and other accessories.

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