Earth-Rite® MGV

Truck mounted Static Grounding Verification

VacuŁm trucks and bulk chemical road tankers, including their hoses and hose connections, are susceptible to static charge accumulation during the transfer of product into or out of the truckís containment system. This accumulation of static charge is equivalent to a hidden source of ignition and if discharged as a static spark can lead to the ignition of the product or the atmosphere in which the truck and material handling team is operating.

The Earth-Rite MGV is designed to enable operators establish safe earthing of their vehicle in accordance with the recommended practices.


The Earth-Rite Mobile Ground Verification system (MGV) is a unique, patented technology, designed to provide automatic confirmation of a positive electrostatic earth connection for trucks, collecting and transferring flammable & combustible products.

To eliminate the risk of incendive static spark discharges the API standard 2219: Safe Operation of vacuŁm Trucks in Petroleum Service recommends that vacuŁm truck operators transferring flammable and combustible product in hazardous locations must fully ground the truck prior to any other task in the transfer operation by connecting the truck to a "proven ground source".

Static Earth Verification
The Earth-Rite MGV system ensures the connection resistance of the object that is identified as the ground source to earth, is low enough to safely dissipate static charges from the truck.

Continuous Ground Loop Monitoring
When the Static Ground Verification process is confirmed, the MGV system continuously monitors the connection resistance of the truck to this verified grounding point for the duration of the transfer process. This connection resistance must be maintained at 10 ohms (or less) for the duration of the transfer process.

Two Output Contacts
located in the control unit of the Earth-Rite MGV system can interlock with pumps or other control devices to prevent transfer operations should a static ground connection fail to be established or maintained for the transfer process.

Easy and Quick Operation
Removing the need for taking manual resistance readings or interacting with complex system interfaces the operator activates the system by simply connecting the systemís earthing clamp to a site designated earthing point, buried metal structure (pipes, storage tanks) or temporary points like buried earthing rods.


Earth control systems
with visual indication & interlock


Self-testing grounding clamps
with visual indication


Grounding clamps, (spiral) cables, reels and testing apparatus


Mobile solutions

We deliver an innovative range of mobile grounding solutions, including an ATEX certified and patented grounding system for mounting on trucks (tanker trucks, pressure-vacuŁm-trucks,...), a portable continuity tester for flexibles, and other accessories.

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