Cen-StatTM Hytrel® Grounding Cable

The Cen-Stat grounding cable from Newson Gale is designed for the static earthing of objects, to mitigate static charges on objects, to lead it to earth during the production of products, such as pouring, filling, mixing, blending,...

The grounding cable can be delivered as a spiral cable in different lengths of 5mtr (16ft), 10mtr (32ft) en 15mtr (50ft), and straight cable up to 500m 1640ft).
The Hytrel® coating has a superior visibility, following IEC 60446.

1-core grounding cable
The single core grounding cable has a conductive core made from stranded steel for a superior mechanical strength.

2-core grounding cable
The dual core grounding cable has 2 internal copper conductors, for using in conjunction with ground monitoring systems.


Earth control systems
with visual indication & interlock


Self-testing grounding clamps
with visual indication


Grounding clamps, (spiral) cables, reels and testing apparatus


Mobile solutions

We deliver an innovative range of mobile grounding solutions, including an ATEX certified and patented grounding system for mounting on trucks (tanker trucks, pressure-vacuŁm-trucks,...), a portable continuity tester for flexibles, and other accessories.

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