Extronics Benelux

The ATEX products of Extronics are officially distributed in the Benelux by ATHEX bvba.

Since 1992, Extronics is a leading global designer and manufacturer of intrinsically safe and explosion proof equipment.
Except the "advanced" product range, ATHEX is the exclusive distributor of the "EX" range products, which are designed and manufactured by Extronics.

Wireless Networking

With iSOLATE technology we provide ATEX RF solutions from 150MHz up to 8GHz, with a broad range of iANT antennas.
With the iWAP solution, it's possible to use standard wifi access points in ATEX environments.

Engineering Solutions

Standard ATEX equipment and tailored options, created by the Extronics engineering team.
Flexible ATEX UPS solutions (iUPS) & explosion proof batteries (iBAT) that fully meet your requirements.


Personnel & Asset Tracking

We offer an advanced passive ATEX RFID solution range with both tags and readers that are ideal for use in and around metals and liquids.
We provide explosion proof handheld and fixed barcode scanners as well.

Vision Technology

From intrinsically safe handheld digital cameras, suitable for use in the most hazardous areas, to ATEX CCTV cameras and monitors. Extronics vision solutions help your workers stay safe and operational.

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