ATHEX Industrial Suppliers is well known as a supplier for mechanical safety devices for tank farms. Several brands can be offered.

Some of our main suppliers are Elmac Technoglies, Motherwell Tank Protection, Flammer, RMG, Breetec, Schlesinger, Zimmerli, Marchel,...

ATEX offers a wide range of qualitative (ATEX) tank safety devices, including gauge hatches, manholes, ventilation- and pressure-relief valves, and all combinations thereof.


We supply vents, including pressure relief valves, vacuŁm valves, as well as remotely controlled valves.

Also many types of flame arresters are part of the product range of ATHEX, with the best flow and pressure drop characteristics
Our product range contains deflagration & detonation flame arresters, in-line & end-of-line flame arresters, and flame arresters combined with breather valves.


Pressure Relief Valves

Gauge Hatches
Inspection- & Manholes

Flame Arresters