Anti-static Ionizing Techniques

ATHEX Industrial Suppliers offers a complete range of static control and static generation solutions for every industrial application, in association with Fraser Anti-Static Techniques.

With the products of Fraser Antistatic we can solve nearly every situation where static electricity can't be mitigated by grounding, earthing and bonding. Ionising can be a solution in many of these applications.

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Fraser Anti-Static AC or DC powered Static Control Bars are some of the most powerful products on the market. Designed to eliminate static electricity on machinery, webs or during finishing. ISO and EX rated, these bars deliver a versatile static elimination solution.

If you are able to position a static control bar within 50mm of the area that needs to be treated then short range ionising bars are the ideal solution. Powerful, easy and cost effective static elimination.


We know from experience that it is not always possible or convenient to directly reach the areas on machinery which generate static electricity, which is why we have designed and developed world class long range static eliminators.

In order to accurately test and measure levels of static electricity, Fraser have developed cost-effective handheld measurement solutions. The Fraser range of Static Meters are practical and affordable which makes them the ideal static measurement device.


Removing dust or particulates with conventional air equipment often creates further problems in the form of charged airborne particles. These commonly reattach or seek out earthed surfaces which can result in higher rejection rates and other issues. Our range of dust removal and anti-static cleaning equipment ensures this will never happen to you.

Air assisted ionisation is useful for long range Static Elimination or controlling static in an environment which requires constant air flow. Separating sheets and finishing are two areas in particular that benefit from these products.


Controlling static in dangerous or volatile environments represents a significant challenge. Typically this is the area where companies might consider a nuclear static eliminator. Fraser have developed a range of EX rated products which provide an affordable and viable alternative.

The cleanest, safest and cheapest form of temporary bonding on the market. Static generators provide a controllable alternative to glues, gums and resins and are well suited for in mould labelling, food or pharmaceutical applications.


A cost effective ionising solution for areas where power may not be an option. Contrary to popular belief "brushes" are generally more effective when they are not touching the material they are attempting to neutralise.

When there is a requirement to run multiple static control products in one area a power unit is necessary. Fraser Anti-Static have produced a range of sizes and outputs for you to choose from.

Fraser Anti-Static Techniques

Fraser have over 20 years experience designing and building static control equipment for a wide range of industrial clients. Their ability to meet specific needs stems from their commitment to constant innovation and electrostatic research.


Fraser manufactures a complete range of equipment from market leading, advanced technology products, to simple passive static eliminators.
Fraser use a variety of high voltage technologies and spend a large proportion of their income on research and development, working with universities and specialists to complement their internal electrical and electronic engineering capabilities.